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Bonnesoeurs® is an agency for interior design, decoration and potography…
Welcome to the world of Lélia and Thélissa, two bigots of beauty !
Graduates of the Higher Institute of Applied Arts, Lélia and Thélissa created their own interior design agency in 2009 and chose the evocative name Bonnesoeurs®, meaning « good sisters » as well as « nuns ». Because it is true that these two sisters made decorating their religion !
Born in Brittany, the two of them shared the same baptism font, one of creation and design, of stage setting and photography…
Bonnesoeurs® is the promised land, dedicated to the house, dedicated to interior grace !
But no need to worry : These sisters will not sacrifice your interior on the altar of extravagance... Their airy and subtle style will always seek to meet your needs.
For 7 years already, bonnesoeurs has been beautifying homes of all types and all kinds...
What matters to them is to turn your place into a more pleasant, more luminous, and more spacious home.
From country houses where natural materials can freely express themselves to Parisian apartments where surface needs to be optimized, the two sisters adapt to challenges but always remain loyal to their universe, a universe that can be described in three words : lightness, functionality and aesthetics.
And the tale continues...
Since decoration rhymes with creation, Bonnesoeurs® expanded its field of action.
From their imagination, their pencil stroke, was born a crib : inventive and soft, enveloping and reassuring. Given its success, the « House Bed » is now available in the website's online shop.
You may have guessed by now that Lélia and Thélissa are not only interior decorators ! Bonnesoeurs® added design to decoration.
But this is not the end of the story...
With its « Anti-Portraits », Bonnesoeurs® moved away from the traditional portrait to offer a new perspective. With Lélia behind the lens, the model is no longer a model child displayed as an ideal. What you get is a beautiful shot of the magic of childhood.

These two « good sisters » have that rare quality to stick to their era but to get ahead of it at the same time.
Welcome to the world of Lélia and Thélissa, truly bigots of beauty…